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Skippy’s Survival Spirit

Well, it’s been a long haul, but due to the dedication of the MOST (Macramé Owl Sanctuary Team), Skippy celebrated his first outing with some of the newer Macramé Owl Residents on a day out in Roath Park, Cardiff on Saturday the 23rd of July 2011. Nearly two years after his immigration to the UK (and plenty of bed rest), Skippy was up and at ’em, eagerly bouncing around trees and amid flowers on a sunny afternoon.

Viv and Skippy sitting in a tree at Roath Park, Cardiff, 23 July 2011

Our very own MORE (Macramé Owl Rehabilitation Expert), Viv Foley, has developed a special bond with Skippy. She’s been his personal coach through the hard times, encouraging him to redevelop his communication skills (due to his lack of beak). As you’ll see below, he’s certainly got his confidence back!

Skippy moves in for a close up

Skippy moves in for a close up! He’s certainly not camera shy. Zoe Jones, our newest MOST member and MOJO (Macramé Owl Jolly Organizer) had the idea for the excursion to Roath Park. Skippy’s zesty enthusiasm was admirable. Greg, our top MOWRON (Macramé Owl Welfare Rescue Operations Nurse) is very skilled at Macramé Owl handling, and managed to calm Skippy down well enough to get him still for a proper photo of this memorable occasion.

Skippy poses for a proper photo