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Macramé Owl Shopping Spree!

This past Sunday, Viv, Zoë and Annie took 3 of the Macramé Owls out for a good ol’ girlie shopping spree at White Stuff in Cardiff.

Left to right: Viv and Priscilla, Annie and Madeleine, Zoe and Lavinia at Cardiff's White Stuff

Madeleine was eager to try on a few clothes. She’s such a fashion fanatic!

Madeleine tries on some clothes

But picky, too. Fortunately, White Stuff sales assistant, Louisa Cavell, was very patient and helpful. Thank goodness for that, because Zoë, quite frankly, was getting a little bit bored of Madeleine’s indecision. Such is the life of a Macramé Owl diva who looks good in everything!

Louisa and Zoe help Madeleine, who takes forever to decide!

Finally, Madeleine decided to go for the lush mulberry handle bag. Great choice! (But by then, even poor Priscilla had to take a nap! Madeleine is mortified by Priscilla’s rather cheeky behaviour, resting there on the counter!)

Zoe and Madeleine are helped by Louisa at the till

But then it was Priscilla’s turn. She’s got a bit of a thing for shoes, she does.

Priscilla likes shoes

Priscilla likes all kinds of accessories. And she looks amazing in pink!

Priscilla in pink

Priscilla decides to go with the multibird scarf. It’s so “her”!

Priscilla goes for the Multibird Scarf

Now, Lavinia is not quite so keen on shopping. Zoë tried to convince her that this yellow scarf really brought out her eyes. Or perhaps the pink one, or blue? But Lavinia was more interested in all the eclectic wonder around the White Stuff store. She felt quite at home hanging with some crazy retro pots and pans dangling from a light fixture!

Zoe, Lavinia, and a pots and pans light fixture

She also took some time out to chill in the White Stuff Book Club area. When she noticed a handsome guy in the window, she boldly asked shop assistant Aaron Short to introduce her to him.

Lavinia chills at the White Stuff Book Club

Eventually, with Viv and Louisa’s help, Lavinia decides on a much needed layered purse and the happy contrast xbody bag.

Viv, Lavinia and Louisa at the till

A “so glad and very” happy time was had by all on this shopping spree to Cardiff’s White Stuff!

Annie, Madeleine, Lavinia, Priscilla, Viv and Zoe are so glad and very happy at White Stuff

Rita’s Rescue

Rita the Brush-tailed Basketcase Macrame Owl's Rescue

Brush-tailed Basketcase Macramé Owl

31 August 2010

Initial Assessment and History
Rita was noticed sporadically over a period of almost two years, particularly around the springtime breeding season. She was quite timid and protective of what was thought to be her nest in a plant pot outside an old building in Cardiff. Over time, she appeared to grow weak. We maintained close observation, left food for her, and eventually she became more comfortable around people. Eventually, she realized she needed the support of our team, and decided to voluntarily enter the sanctuary. Her young had long since fledged. She later confessed she had been suffering from empty nest syndrome, and is now content to have found a new family among the other Macramé Owls.

Read more about Rita.

Skippy’s Survival Spirit

Well, it’s been a long haul, but due to the dedication of the MOST (Macramé Owl Sanctuary Team), Skippy celebrated his first outing with some of the newer Macramé Owl Residents on a day out in Roath Park, Cardiff on Saturday the 23rd of July 2011. Nearly two years after his immigration to the UK (and plenty of bed rest), Skippy was up and at ’em, eagerly bouncing around trees and amid flowers on a sunny afternoon.

Viv and Skippy sitting in a tree at Roath Park, Cardiff, 23 July 2011

Our very own MORE (Macramé Owl Rehabilitation Expert), Viv Foley, has developed a special bond with Skippy. She’s been his personal coach through the hard times, encouraging him to redevelop his communication skills (due to his lack of beak). As you’ll see below, he’s certainly got his confidence back!

Skippy moves in for a close up

Skippy moves in for a close up! He’s certainly not camera shy. Zoe Jones, our newest MOST member and MOJO (Macramé Owl Jolly Organizer) had the idea for the excursion to Roath Park. Skippy’s zesty enthusiasm was admirable. Greg, our top MOWRON (Macramé Owl Welfare Rescue Operations Nurse) is very skilled at Macramé Owl handling, and managed to calm Skippy down well enough to get him still for a proper photo of this memorable occasion.

Skippy poses for a proper photo

Our First Macramé Owl Admission: Rosemary

Macramé Owl RosemaryVariety
Albino Macramé Owl

9 November 2008

Initial Assessment and History
Rosemary was found trapped in a window of an abandoned building in Cardiff, Wales, UK. Although frightened, she was in good condition and showed signs of gratitude at being freed from the wire mesh.

Read more about Rosemary.

Macramé Owl Rosemary's rescue