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Charlie Visits BC Wine Museum

The Okanagan Valley is known for its many vineyards and wineries. Macramé Owl Charlie was itching to get out this past weekend, so we took a brief tour of the BC Wine Museum and VQA Wine Shop at the Laurel Packing House.

Charlie doesn’t drink (he simply can’t – he’s a Macramé Owl for crying out loud!), but he is nonetheless interested in local history.

Photo: Annie Zalezsak

Macramé Owl Sanctuary Team – Manager and Director, Annie Zed, acted as the responsible adult companion on this excursion.

Charlie was particularly fond of the champagne bottle machine.

2015.11.22 Charlie at Wine Museum (2) Annie Zalezsak

My,what big kegs they had.

2015.11.22 Charlie at Wine Museum (8) Annie Zalezsak

There were plenty of information stations, but Charlie wasn’t bothered to read them. He preferred to just hang around and stare off into the distance.

2015.11.22 Charlie at Wine Museum (3) Annie Zalezsak

They had bottles upon bottles of all kinds of charmingly named labels, like: Dirty Laundry, Blasted Church OMG, and Lost Inhibitions: Tell Me How You Really Feel.

2015.11.22 Charlie at Wine Museum (6) Annie Zalezsak

Charlie wanted his photo taken from every angle. Typical of the Whimsical Macramé Owl variety, he can be quite cheeky and persistent about getting his own way.

2015.11.22 Charlie at Wine Museum (1) Annie Zalezsak

Afterwards, members of the team sampled beverages and delicious food at the BNA Brewing Company and Eatery just a block up from the museum.

2015.11.22 Charlie at BNA Kelowna (7) Annie Zalezsak

All in all, it was an enjoyable outing and both Annie and Charlie were happy at the end of the day.

© November 23, 2015 | Annie Zalezsak

Macramé Owl Sabbatical in Canada

A group of 13 lucky Macramé Owls are presently enjoying an extended summer sabbatical at a riverside campgrounds in the interior Rocky Mountain region of British Columbia, Canada.

LW with 13 Macrame Owls on sabbatical in Canada

Their host, LW, is a high-powered executive of a company there. To maintain anonymity, LW is pixelated in the photograph above.

“It’s not that I’m ashamed or anything,” says LW. “It’s just that there is still such terrible discrimination against Macramé Owls and their carers. My friends and family are all very understanding. But the shareholders and Board of Directors would surely raise an eyebrow if they knew. I could seriously damage my reputation in their eyes. I’m really sad for them, though. They’ll never know the joy and laughter that these crazy creatures bring to a person’s life.”

LW has been a secret MO-BFF (Macramé Owl – Best Friend Forever) ever since the scheme was revealed on the Macramé Owl website’s Volunteer Recruitment page. The MOST (Macramé Owl Sanctuary Team) are committed to raising awareness and fostering endearment towards Macramé Owls everywhere, so that people like LW no longer have to hide.