Whoo is Curtis?

Macramé Owl Curtis in Bess's windowVariety
Miniature Long-tailed Spectacled Macramé Owl

25 July 2009

Initial Assessment and History
First spotted by a railway yard fence, Curtis flew into the apartment window of a lady named Bess. Bess reports:

“He hopped timidly in the shrubbery. But I felt such a connection with him, like he wanted to come to me, but was too afraid. So I opened my window and just went about washing up some dishes in the kitchen. When I checked later, he had flown up to my window, and was resting against the window pane!”

Unable to care for him herself, Bess kindly brought Curtis to us. He is in outstanding condition.

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Macramé Owl Curtis hiding in railway shrub

Horace is Found

Horace found under the stairsVariety
Scrawny Tawny Macramé Owl

24 July 2009

Initial Assessment and History
This Macramé Owl was found emaciated (in veterinary terms) under the stairwell of an abandoned building in July 2009.

He was frightened and cold, and showed some signs of abuse. We suspect he had been there for days without food or water, yet he remained in remarkably good shape.

Since the rescue, it has come to our attention through Macramé Owl expert Sergé Jawolsky, who identified Horace as a Scrawny Tawny Macramé Owl, that his physiology and stature is typical of this variety of Macramé Owl, and that Horace is only slightly underweight. This has come as quite a relief.

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Shy Isabelle Arrives

Macramé Owl IsabelleVariety
Pink Pygmy Macramé Owl

15 July 2009

Initial Assessment and History
Small and delicate, Isabelle arrived from Washington, USA in fine condition and good spirits. She appears to be moderately shy, although we cannot confirm whether she is blushing.

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Discovering Mike in an Abandoned Warehouse

Macramé Owl MikeVariety
Pot Bellied Macramé Owl

12 April 2009

Initial Assessment and History
Mike was discovered in an abandoned warehouse. He was seeking refuge in a broken filing cabinet. We know little about him or his history. He is avoiding eye contact.

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Saving Sherman from Himself

Macramé Owl ShermanVariety
Typicus Macramé Owl

23 November 2008

Initial Assessment and History
This macramé owl was well loved by his owner, who sadly passed away two years prior to our meeting. The extended family did not appreciate the needs of a macramé owl, and he was left to fend himself on the streets.

When we found Sherman, he was roaming a city alley, and ‘dumpster diving’ in this skip. He was ashamed and embarassed that his life had amounted to this, but he agreed to come with us and enter our 12 step program for boosting self esteem. He has since improved dramatically, is enrolled on a counselling course, and is even considering mentoring other macramé owls with a similar history.

Sherman’s intervention was a success, and the team was able to convince him to enter our rehabilitation program voluntarily. It remains to be seen whether he will complete treatment, or abscond.

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Macramé Owl Sherman found hanging around a skip in an alley

Our First Macramé Owl Admission: Rosemary

Macramé Owl RosemaryVariety
Albino Macramé Owl

9 November 2008

Initial Assessment and History
Rosemary was found trapped in a window of an abandoned building in Cardiff, Wales, UK. Although frightened, she was in good condition and showed signs of gratitude at being freed from the wire mesh.

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Macramé Owl Rosemary's rescue

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