Macramé Owl Residents

Macramé Owl lovers the world over are keen to read the latest news about our Macramé Owl residents. As we admit new Macramé Owls, we will post photos and stories about them on our blog.

As you hover over each photo below, you’ll see each individual’s name pop up. If you’re a fan of a particular Macramé Owl, just type their name into the search box (see menu, top right) and you’ll get a list of stories they are featured in.

Subscribe to this blog by entering your email address under the menu (top right). Visit our official website at You’ll also be able to contact us there or give us feedback and comments here. Please ‘Like’ our posts and pages, share them with your friends and fellow Macramé Owl lovers. Thank you and have a hoot of a day!

Macramé Owl LaviniaMacramé Owl MadeleineMacramé Owl Betty
Macramé Owl BarneyMacramé Owl AlfonsoMacramé Owl Lawrence
Macramé Owl SkippyMacramé Owl PriscillaMacramé Owl Curtis
Macramé Owl HoraceMacramé Owl MikeMacramé Owl Sherman
Macramé Owl Rosemary

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