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Watching ‘Elf’

A few of the Macramé Owls got together yesterday for a special airing of ‘Elf’ to get them into the holiday spirit!

Photo: Annie Zalezsak

Sanctuary Anniversary Celebration

This month, the Macramé Owl Sanctuary celebrates its third year of operation. To mark the occasion, the MOST (Macramé Owl Sanctuary Team) and some of our Macramé Owl Residents had a delicious lunch extravaganza at Nando’s in Merthyr Tydfil. The food was awesome!

The MOST at Nando's in Merthyr Tydfil, August 2011

Our First Ever Monetary Donation

Madeleine and Viv on the phoneLast week, we had a surprising telephone call from a Macramé Owl fan. At first, Viv wasn’t sure what the call was about, and was quite perplexed. Macramé Owl Madeleine was also mystified.

Someone at the end of the line wanted to make a monetary donation to the Macramé Owl Sanctuary. We had never had one of those before! We were all a bit befuddled.

Befuddled Annie, Ciaran and Greg

Eventually, after an extensive inquiry and thorough discussion, it was assessed that the individual (who wishes to remain anonymous) wanted to make a pledge for a donation of 12 pence to our efforts. Well, we were absolutely thrilled! 12 pence buys approximately 5 inches (or 12.7 cm) of jute towards Macramé Owl sutures.

Viv was ecstatic! Ciaran was so chuffed, he was inspired to deposit 2 pence of his own pocket money towards a now growing owl-bank. Let’s hope the trend continues!

Viv and Ciaran are delighted with 12p monetarty donation to the Sanctuary

If you too would like to donate to the Macramé Owl Sanctuary, please click our PayPal donation button on our Macramé Owl Appeal page on our website. No amount is too small, even if it’s “chicken feed”!