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Barney’s Back!

Barney enjoys summer

What with the lovely weather we had in Wales yesterday, Barney decided to head out for a stroll to enjoy the sun. It’s rare for a Macramé Owl to go out on his own, but Barney’s quite responsible, so we didn’t think much about it at the time. We all just went about our normal business here at the Macramé Owl Sanctuary office.

Zoe and Viv hard at work at their desks

Suddenly, Ciaran spotted Barney at the window!

Ciaran and Barney by the window

This was a real shock, as the Sanctuary is on the first floor of the building. I was very concerned for Barney’s safety and called for MORE help. (Viv is our “MORE”: Macramé Owl Rehabilitation Expert.)

Viv coaxes Barney into a nest

Viv manages to safely coax Barney into a nest. Phew! When we asked Barney whatever possessed him to climb up to the first floor window, the silly sausage admitted he’d forgotten his keys!

 All in a day’s work at the Macramé Owl Sanctuary!

Betty Bobs Up

Macramé Owl BettyVariety
Plushkin Macramé Owl

17 September 2009

Initial Assessment and History
Baby Plushkin Betty is sweet as can be. She is clinging to big brother Barney, as she appears to be feeling vulnerable. She is being closely monitored since her arrival with brother Barney from Florida.

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Barney Blows In

Macramé Owl BarneyVariety
Plushkin Macramé Owl

17 September 2009

Initial Assessment and History
Brother and sister Plushkins Barney and Betty are currently inseparable as they rely on each other for comfort while they settle in, having travelled all the way from Florida, USA. Nervous among their elders, we’re certain they will gain confidence once they find their feet. (They arrived without feet.)

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Macramé Owl Barney at his hometown in Florida