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Music Group

At the Macramé Owl Sanctuary, we provide the best opportunities for our residents to experience great entertainment and participate in creative activities. Greg is a highly skilled musician, singer and song writer. Zoë is an avid percussionist in Samba Galez. With such talent in the team, our Macramé Owls always have a song in their hearts.

As you can see, Alfonso (wearing headphones) has a particular interest in music technology. Madeleine and Lavinia are fond of the keyboards, while some of the others take a more relaxed perspective and enjoy the singsong. 

Greg and Zoë jamming with the Macramé Owls

Sometimes, it gets a bit rowdy with some old time rock and roll tunes.

Zoë and Greg get rowdy with some Macramé Owl rock and roll tunes

At the end of a music session, Zoë lulls Skippy to sleep with a sweet and delicate lullaby.

Zoe lulls Skippy to sleep with a sweet and delicate lullaby

Macramé Owl Shopping Spree!

This past Sunday, Viv, Zoë and Annie took 3 of the Macramé Owls out for a good ol’ girlie shopping spree at White Stuff in Cardiff.

Left to right: Viv and Priscilla, Annie and Madeleine, Zoe and Lavinia at Cardiff's White Stuff

Madeleine was eager to try on a few clothes. She’s such a fashion fanatic!

Madeleine tries on some clothes

But picky, too. Fortunately, White Stuff sales assistant, Louisa Cavell, was very patient and helpful. Thank goodness for that, because Zoë, quite frankly, was getting a little bit bored of Madeleine’s indecision. Such is the life of a Macramé Owl diva who looks good in everything!

Louisa and Zoe help Madeleine, who takes forever to decide!

Finally, Madeleine decided to go for the lush mulberry handle bag. Great choice! (But by then, even poor Priscilla had to take a nap! Madeleine is mortified by Priscilla’s rather cheeky behaviour, resting there on the counter!)

Zoe and Madeleine are helped by Louisa at the till

But then it was Priscilla’s turn. She’s got a bit of a thing for shoes, she does.

Priscilla likes shoes

Priscilla likes all kinds of accessories. And she looks amazing in pink!

Priscilla in pink

Priscilla decides to go with the multibird scarf. It’s so “her”!

Priscilla goes for the Multibird Scarf

Now, Lavinia is not quite so keen on shopping. Zoë tried to convince her that this yellow scarf really brought out her eyes. Or perhaps the pink one, or blue? But Lavinia was more interested in all the eclectic wonder around the White Stuff store. She felt quite at home hanging with some crazy retro pots and pans dangling from a light fixture!

Zoe, Lavinia, and a pots and pans light fixture

She also took some time out to chill in the White Stuff Book Club area. When she noticed a handsome guy in the window, she boldly asked shop assistant Aaron Short to introduce her to him.

Lavinia chills at the White Stuff Book Club

Eventually, with Viv and Louisa’s help, Lavinia decides on a much needed layered purse and the happy contrast xbody bag.

Viv, Lavinia and Louisa at the till

A “so glad and very” happy time was had by all on this shopping spree to Cardiff’s White Stuff!

Annie, Madeleine, Lavinia, Priscilla, Viv and Zoe are so glad and very happy at White Stuff

Macramé Owlpreneurs

Madeleine and Alfonso pose with Zoe and Annie

Supported and encouraged by Zoë Jones and Annie Zed, Macramé Owls Madeleine and Alfonso have teamed forces with entrepreneurial spirit and enthusiasm. They are doing their part to support the sustainability of their home at the Macramé Owl Sanctuary. We’re pleased to announce they have just opened a shop on Cafe Press and have chosen a few items to model on. Madeleine appears on a large blanket so that you can cuddle up with her of a night time!

Macrame Owl Madeleine blanket

You can also buy pajamas with her picture on the front. They are so pretty and feminine, just like Madeleine herself.

Macrame Owl Madeleine pajamas

Alfonso, with his cheeky spirit, is a bit more adventurous. He’s appearing on this cheerful yellow messenger bag.

Macrame Owl Alfonso messenger bag

You can also wear Alfonso stating his identity “I’m a Whimsical Macramé Owl” on a yellow t-shirt!

Macrame Owl Alfonso t-shirt

Other Macramé Owls are hoping to join the scheme, but they may need some encouragement. If you have a favourite Macramé Owl among our residents, let us know what Cafe Press product you’d like to see them on, or any ideas you have for Madeleine and Alfonso’s successful Owlpreneurship.

Our First Ever Monetary Donation

Madeleine and Viv on the phoneLast week, we had a surprising telephone call from a Macramé Owl fan. At first, Viv wasn’t sure what the call was about, and was quite perplexed. Macramé Owl Madeleine was also mystified.

Someone at the end of the line wanted to make a monetary donation to the Macramé Owl Sanctuary. We had never had one of those before! We were all a bit befuddled.

Befuddled Annie, Ciaran and Greg

Eventually, after an extensive inquiry and thorough discussion, it was assessed that the individual (who wishes to remain anonymous) wanted to make a pledge for a donation of 12 pence to our efforts. Well, we were absolutely thrilled! 12 pence buys approximately 5 inches (or 12.7 cm) of jute towards Macramé Owl sutures.

Viv was ecstatic! Ciaran was so chuffed, he was inspired to deposit 2 pence of his own pocket money towards a now growing owl-bank. Let’s hope the trend continues!

Viv and Ciaran are delighted with 12p monetarty donation to the Sanctuary

If you too would like to donate to the Macramé Owl Sanctuary, please click our PayPal donation button on our Macramé Owl Appeal page on our website. No amount is too small, even if it’s “chicken feed”!

Madeleine Moves In

Macramé Owl MadeleineVariety
Whimsical Macramé Owl

17 September 2009

Initial Assessment and History
Curious onlookers have been spying on this admission more than any other. Astonishing specimen Madeleine has already caused a stir among sanctuary residents, with her “come to barn” eyes. Whispers of “your nest or mine?” have been heard, and we are vigilant that she may need protection from harassment from some of the males. She clearly possesses magical qualities, and her tassels are outstanding.

Read more about Madeleine.