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Planning for the Owlympics

Blossom and Curtis stroll by the canal near the Olympic grounds in London

Olympic Venue Construction in London

Macramé Owls Blossom and Curtis recently took a trip to London to check out the progress of Olympic venues under construction for the Olympic Games being held 27 July to 12 August 2012. While security was tight and there was no pedestrian access to any of the sites, Blossom and Curtis were delighted to get a few shots near some of the soon-to-be completed Olympic landmarks.

The Velodrome

Curtis can’t take his eyes off the magnificent Velodrome, while Blossom is more interested in posing for the camera.

Curtis and Blossom near the Velodrome, London

Since both are on the planning committee for the first ever Owlympics, the two were keen to be inspired. While events are still being organized, several Macramé Owl athletes are currently in training.

Meanwhile, Owlympic merchandise is already being sold through the Macrame Owl Shop.

Blossom and Curtis had to roam the area quite a bit before finding gaps like this through which to spot views of the buildings. Here, Curtis peers through an old locked gate and zooms in on a view of the Olympic Stadium, complete with bathing swans in the foreground.

Curtis zooms in for a sneak peek at Olympic Stadium

They walked across a strange bridge to get a snapshot of the Olympic Stadium from another angle.

Before leaving London, Curtis and Blossom stopped briefly to admire the autumn beauty at Victoria Park.

Curtis and Blossom at Victoria Park

Even though the Owlympics will not be on as grand a scale as these London games, Blossom and Curtis are confident that they will be equally special!

The Owly Way Is Essex

Macramé Owl Curtis is a fan of the TV show, “The Only Way Is Essex“. Having heard that star Lydia Bright recently opened a shop called Bella Sorella with her sister Georgia in Loughton, he fancied his chances to meet her. So, along with Blossom, we travelled there this past weekend.

Bella Sorella on Loughton High Road, Essex

Trying to build up the nerve to enter the shop, Curtis and Blossom decided to treat themselves to cakes across the road at Belgique.

Belgique in Loughton

There were so many to choose from, but Blossom enjoyed the almond mousse cake, while Curtis craved the fruit tart.

Blossom and Curtis at Belgique in Loughton, Essex

Then they spotted Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe and decided to detour through there.

Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe, Loughton, Essex

Blossom and Curtis were excited by the vast range of sweetie choices! (As you know, Macramé Owls love their sweets!)

Curtis and Blossom peruse the old fashioned sweets

They were dazzled by the rows of sugary treats!

Sugar rush!

They selected some Pick ‘n’ Mix.

Curtis and Blossom select some Pick 'n' Mix

Still lacking the confidence to go into Bella Sorella, they speculated on whether a drink for “dutch courage” at the local pub (The Last Post) was in order.

Annie Zalezsak with Curtis and Blossom

But Curtis’ shyness was too overwhelming to risk meeting Lydia at Bella Sorella that day. Back to the hotel they went to enjoy some of the treats they bought.

Blossom and Curtis with treats

The following day, Curtis regretted an opportunity missed (and worried about the teasing he might have to face from his friends back at the Macramé Owl Sanctuary). So he finally drummed up the nerve to go into the Bella Sorella shop. And before I knew it, there they were, Blossom and Curtis, within the shop window and ever so near to the stars of The Only Way Is Essex!

Blossom and Curtis in the window of Bella Sorella

While Blossom and I (Annie Zed) admired this beautiful dress, Curtis remained shyly standoffish.

Annie and Blossom admire Lydia Bright's dress at Bella Sorella

Curtis still needed some nudging to get in for a close-up with the TOWIE girls.

Blossom and Curtis were in heaven amid the luscious cupcakes at Bella Sorella!

Curtis was particularly starry-eyed to be so near a cupcake with sweet thing Lydia’s picture on it!

Curtis with Lydia cupcakes

Satisfied with their visit, they posed with another fabulous Essex girl, Jacqui Cullen, outside the shop.

Curtis and Blossom with Essex girl, Jacqui Cullen

Little did Curtis know, Lydia was smiling at him from inside the store!

Lydia knows!

Happy with their purchases back at the hotel, Curtis and Blossom marvel about their Essex experiences.

Curtis and Blossom with their Bella Sorella purchases

Curtis is still dreaming about how close he was to Lydia. He still can’t bring himself to eat the cupcake with her photo on it!

Curtis with Lydia cupcake and other Bella Sorella sweet things

Whoo is Curtis?

Macramé Owl Curtis in Bess's windowVariety
Miniature Long-tailed Spectacled Macramé Owl

25 July 2009

Initial Assessment and History
First spotted by a railway yard fence, Curtis flew into the apartment window of a lady named Bess. Bess reports:

“He hopped timidly in the shrubbery. But I felt such a connection with him, like he wanted to come to me, but was too afraid. So I opened my window and just went about washing up some dishes in the kitchen. When I checked later, he had flown up to my window, and was resting against the window pane!”

Unable to care for him herself, Bess kindly brought Curtis to us. He is in outstanding condition.

Read more about Curtis.

Macramé Owl Curtis hiding in railway shrub