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Confessions of a Chocowlholic

We all know that Macramé Owls love sweets, but chocowlholism is a specific addiction afflicting only a few. Macramé Owl Mike is one of them. Through years of chocolate abuse, Mike’s jute has turned a chocolate brown. While his chocolate intake is being monitored, every now again, he slips backward. Earlier today, I walked in on Mike and Alfonso partaking in a chocolate binge in my bedroom.

Alfonso was particularly startled, and was no doubt the instigator and enabler of this indulgence. Alfonso is particularly known for his mischief regarding sweets. (See also Alfonso’s Sweet Tooth.)

Rather than scolding or lecturing, sometimes it’s best to just leave a Macramé Owl to learn from his own experiences. When I went to check on them a few hours later, it was a sore, belly-aching sight: both Mike and Alfonso were on their backs, bellies distended, groaning with the discomfort of overdoing it on chocolate.

Let’s hope that this time, they learn their lesson!

Alfonso’s American Debut

After surviving a long night of hunting in the kitchen area of the Macramé Owl Sanctuary for all things sweet, scrumptious and caffeinated, Alfonso was slightly exhausted this morning.

Alfonso is reluctant to get out of bed

Yesterday was such an exciting day for Alfonso. After being woken up from his usual daytime sleep-a-thon at the unearthly hour of 2pm (UK time), Alfonso was asked to dress up in his most luxurious and colourful Owloween bow tie. He was to appear along with his contemporaries on “Good Day Sacramento” for their Halloween Weekend Special with Cody Stark and Amy Carraba.

Rosemary, Alfonso and Sherman nervously wait in the ‘green room’ prior to going live on air via Skype.

Rosemary, Alfonso and Sherman

Alfonso with his beak in the airUnfortunately, Alfonso was also to appear with the three, slightly weird sanctuary workers, Annie, Zoë and Viv.

In Alfonso’s words “those three cookie gals get in on everything and ride on the back of my up and coming fame”. With this, Alfonso stuck his beak in the air and stayed that way for the remainder of the afternoon.

It has been noticed that he is developing a real attitude of late with all the fame, photographs and celebrity status that is a-knocking at his door! Alfonso was not impressed that jaundiced Skippy muscled in on the action. But that’s life, and Alfonso has to concede that poor Skippy has been through the mill and back since his rescue. Skippy really looks up to Alfonso as well. So eventually, Alfonso forgave Skippy’s impromptu entrance onto the silver screen.

Alfonso gives Skippy some attitude

Alfonso went straight back to his perch after his American television debut. He was absolutely exhausted and decided that a feed of delicious fruity jam preserves, a beakful of cookies, and a steaming cappuccino was the order of the day.

Macrame Owl Alfonso

Following his feast, Alfonso settled down for a long, deep sleep and hoped he would dream about the most exciting night to follow – “Owloween” – the night when Macramé Owls gather and feast on amazing fare and reminisce about days gone by, cheese fondues, and cool Kaftans – Owlsome!

Happy Owloween!

As the trio prepare to go out trick-or-treating, Skippy hams it up by playing dead zombie in the Halloween treat bowl!

♥ ♥ ♥

Click here to watch Macrame Owl’s interview on Goodday Sacramento. If you’re in the USA and would like to donate Macrame Owls to the Sanctuary, you can send them to the station care of:

“Cody Stark, Keeper of the Macramé Owls”
2713 Kovr Drive
West Sacramento, CA 95605

♥ ♥ ♥

Vivienne Foley, Macramé Owl Rehabilitation Expert (MORE)This guest blog post is
written by Vivienne Foley,
Macramé Owl Rehabilitation Expert (MORE)

Music Group

At the Macramé Owl Sanctuary, we provide the best opportunities for our residents to experience great entertainment and participate in creative activities. Greg is a highly skilled musician, singer and song writer. Zoë is an avid percussionist in Samba Galez. With such talent in the team, our Macramé Owls always have a song in their hearts.

As you can see, Alfonso (wearing headphones) has a particular interest in music technology. Madeleine and Lavinia are fond of the keyboards, while some of the others take a more relaxed perspective and enjoy the singsong. 

Greg and Zoë jamming with the Macramé Owls

Sometimes, it gets a bit rowdy with some old time rock and roll tunes.

Zoë and Greg get rowdy with some Macramé Owl rock and roll tunes

At the end of a music session, Zoë lulls Skippy to sleep with a sweet and delicate lullaby.

Zoe lulls Skippy to sleep with a sweet and delicate lullaby

Alphonso’s Sweet Tooth

Viv finds a sweet wrapperWe recently hosted a visit to the Macramé Owl Sanctuary, so we put out some lovely sweets for our guests. There were lots of sweets to begin with, so I was certain they’d last. Well, even before the guests arrived, I turned my back for a few minutes, and there were only a few sweets left!

Viv kept finding empty wrappers everywhere. It was quite concerning.

Then, we spotted the culprit. Alfonso lay there, belly aching, with the evidence in this beak! Boy, was he embarrassed!

Embarrassed Alfonso caught with sweets

Our Macramé Owl Residents love sweets, and we regularly have sweets available for them to share in. Alfonso, however, took advantage of the situation. Without asking who the sweets were for, he made assumptions. He helped himself without asking. It left us all in an awkward situation.

Viv had to explain to Alfonso that this kind of inconsiderate behaviour was inappropriate, and that there was a certain etiquette around helping oneself to sweets. Alfonso swiftly apologized. He’s a cheeky chappie, so we’ll have to keep him under observation in future around edible goodies.

Viv and Alfonso discuss sweets etiquette

Macramé Owlpreneurs

Madeleine and Alfonso pose with Zoe and Annie

Supported and encouraged by Zoë Jones and Annie Zed, Macramé Owls Madeleine and Alfonso have teamed forces with entrepreneurial spirit and enthusiasm. They are doing their part to support the sustainability of their home at the Macramé Owl Sanctuary. We’re pleased to announce they have just opened a shop on Cafe Press and have chosen a few items to model on. Madeleine appears on a large blanket so that you can cuddle up with her of a night time!

Macrame Owl Madeleine blanket

You can also buy pajamas with her picture on the front. They are so pretty and feminine, just like Madeleine herself.

Macrame Owl Madeleine pajamas

Alfonso, with his cheeky spirit, is a bit more adventurous. He’s appearing on this cheerful yellow messenger bag.

Macrame Owl Alfonso messenger bag

You can also wear Alfonso stating his identity “I’m a Whimsical Macramé Owl” on a yellow t-shirt!

Macrame Owl Alfonso t-shirt

Other Macramé Owls are hoping to join the scheme, but they may need some encouragement. If you have a favourite Macramé Owl among our residents, let us know what Cafe Press product you’d like to see them on, or any ideas you have for Madeleine and Alfonso’s successful Owlpreneurship.

Alfonso Arrives

Macramé Owl AlfonsoVariety
Whimsical Macramé Owl

4 August 2009

Initial Assessment and History
Alfonso came to us from Brooklyn, NY, USA and his accent is unmistakable! His unique look matches his personality. He’s a very happy-go-lucky chap and has already stolen the hearts of many!

Read more about Alfonso.