Macramé Owl Travesty

A horrific and shocking story was relayed to me by a woman in the UK. It seems a colleague of hers, Guy Fryer, was recently in Europe. While taking some time out in Poland, he had a dreadful encounter.

Guy reports:

“Six of us decided to go and spend a few nights away from it all in the mountains in a log cabin. When we arrived, it had no water, electricity or anything, but a stream. It had an outside toilet which was a wooden hut with a hole in the floor. I won’t go into detail… see the picture below.”

Photo credit: Guy Fryer, log cabin in Poland

Guy continues:

“Inside (remember it’s a hunter’s cabin) it was full of bones, jaws, skulls, and live rodents which you had to protect yourself against when you slept in your sleeping bag… but my horror was complete when I saw this!!”

 Photo credit: Guy Fryer, Macrame Owl travesty in Poland

Guy confirms to us that:

“This is a 100% true story!!!”

We believe you 100%, Guy. Tragic stories like this are (sadly) not unknown to us. Guy was unfortunately unable to save this Macramé Owl. He did not have the expertise of a trained MOWRON (Macramé Owl Welfare Rescue Operations Nurse). Due to lack of funding, we were unable to dispatch our team on a mission to retrieve this Macramé Owl from its degrading environment.

This Macramé Owl may never know true happiness and freedom, but there are others out there in equally dire circumstances. They need your help. If this story tugs at your heart strings, and you want to know how you can do your part in saving the Macramé Owl, please visit our Volunteer page on our website and/or consider making a donation to aid our efforts and support our Macramé Owl Sanctuary.

We also aim to provide counselling for people like Guy who may suffer Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of such a horrendous experience.

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