Macramé Owlpreneurs

Madeleine and Alfonso pose with Zoe and Annie

Supported and encouraged by Zoë Jones and Annie Zed, Macramé Owls Madeleine and Alfonso have teamed forces with entrepreneurial spirit and enthusiasm. They are doing their part to support the sustainability of their home at the Macramé Owl Sanctuary. We’re pleased to announce they have just opened a shop on Cafe Press and have chosen a few items to model on. Madeleine appears on a large blanket so that you can cuddle up with her of a night time!

Macrame Owl Madeleine blanket

You can also buy pajamas with her picture on the front. They are so pretty and feminine, just like Madeleine herself.

Macrame Owl Madeleine pajamas

Alfonso, with his cheeky spirit, is a bit more adventurous. He’s appearing on this cheerful yellow messenger bag.

Macrame Owl Alfonso messenger bag

You can also wear Alfonso stating his identity “I’m a Whimsical Macramé Owl” on a yellow t-shirt!

Macrame Owl Alfonso t-shirt

Other Macramé Owls are hoping to join the scheme, but they may need some encouragement. If you have a favourite Macramé Owl among our residents, let us know what Cafe Press product you’d like to see them on, or any ideas you have for Madeleine and Alfonso’s successful Owlpreneurship.

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