Macramé Owling

Annie Macramé OwlingBy now, you’ve probably heard of ‘owling’. It’s that craze where people crouch in kind of an owl pose, and stare off into middle-distance with a blank expression. There are subtle variations to the pose.

When our Macramé Owl residents heard about this trend, they wanted to do their part. So they invented Macramé Owling.

What is Macramé Owling?

Macramé Owling is owling with Macramé Owls. The pose often tends to be somewhat more extended (to resemble a Macramé Owl), which is great for people who aren’t very flexible or supple. In other words, those who grew up with Macramé Owls in the 60’s and 70’s are more likely to have the fitness level required for Macramé Owling (rather than just plain owling).

Here’s a picture of Greg, our Macramé Owl Welfare Rescue Operations Nurse (MOWRON) doing some Macramé Owling at our Macramé Owl Sanctuary.

Greg Macramé Owling

Below is Ciaran, our Apprentice MOWRON, practicing his Macramé Owling, too.

Ciaran Macramé Owling

You don’t have to be a MOWRON to do Macramé Owling (though it helps!). If you have MOJO, like our Macramé Owl Jolly Organizer (MOJO) Zoë, you may be able to do Macramé Owling, too!

Zoë Macramé Owling

We’ll bring you more Macramé Owling stories and pictures soon.


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