Saving Sherman from Himself

Macramé Owl ShermanVariety
Typicus Macramé Owl

23 November 2008

Initial Assessment and History
This macramé owl was well loved by his owner, who sadly passed away two years prior to our meeting. The extended family did not appreciate the needs of a macramé owl, and he was left to fend himself on the streets.

When we found Sherman, he was roaming a city alley, and ‘dumpster diving’ in this skip. He was ashamed and embarassed that his life had amounted to this, but he agreed to come with us and enter our 12 step program for boosting self esteem. He has since improved dramatically, is enrolled on a counselling course, and is even considering mentoring other macramé owls with a similar history.

Sherman’s intervention was a success, and the team was able to convince him to enter our rehabilitation program voluntarily. It remains to be seen whether he will complete treatment, or abscond.

Read more about Sherman.

Macramé Owl Sherman found hanging around a skip in an alley

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